KOREAN WAR             




               Foothills Chapter # 301of SC


                            150 Middleton Park Lane, Moore, S.C. 29369


 Organization began in the Fall of 2004 and became official February 7, 2005

 as a member of the National Korean War Veterans Association Inc.(KWVA). 


  Our Mission Is :


   1.To provide and maintain a means of contact and communications among the       members of the Chapter.

    2.To promote the establishment of, and to establish war and other memorials         commemorative of any person or persons who served in the Korean War.

    3.To aid and assist needy chapter members, their spouses and children, and         the spouses and children of persons who were members at the time of their       death.

    4.To provide support and aid to active duty military personnel.

    5.To follow and adhere to the policies of the National Association.





       We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month except July at the

    Golden Corral, Cherrydale Point, 3240 N. Pleasantburg Drive,

   Greenville, SC.Come early and enjoy the fellowship with other            Korean War Veterans.  Business meeting begins at 12:15 pm  

    Regular meeting in June is for election of officers.


    All Korean War and Korean Defense veterans are welcome, ie;


    In the defense of the Republic of South Korea 

   (Or served outside of Korea June 25, 1950 to Jan 31,1955)

    THEN YOU QUALIFY and you are welcome to join us.




                                           2019-2020 Officers


  President: Lewis I." Lew" Perry (864) 363-6558

   1st Vice President, Jerry Lundsford (864) 244-4508

    2nd Vice President, Eulish Givance (910) 964-6576

  Secretary/Treasurer Cynthia Perry (864) 363-6559

    Chaplain: Capers Sullian (864) 909-1516

    POW-MIA Officer: Frank Tooley (864) 895-4105

  Sargeant at Arms: Eulish Givance

     Historian: Nell Thompson (864) 277-2815

     Chaplain: Emeritus, Tommy James, d 5-23-16



                          Past Presidents:


   Lewis I."Lew" Perry                I. Lewis Langley

  Francis Thompson            Eddie "Bud" Wooten

 James Oakman                Tom Comshaw

 Gerry Kunz                       Conrad Nowak




           Korean War Veterans Memorial Committee


emorial 062.JPG


   Lew Perry (864) 574-5569,

  cell (864) 363-6558

    Committee members:

    Dean Howell (864) 877-9998

    Jerry Lundsford (864) 244-4508






             Charter Members February 7, 2005


  Lewis I. "Lew" Perry        + Marion Lee Ayers         +  Larry Ray Johnson           Cynthia M. Perry             + Eugene F. Pruitt           +  Bobby J. Wallace           

+ Ben E. Branch                    Wilton J. Kelly, Sr.           Deborah P. Rainwater

   Charles R. Crain                  I.Lewis Langley Jr.          Francis D. Thompson

+ Marcielle Petterson Day      Al McCleelland                Frank N. Tooley

   Dean Howell                        Grace McClelland       +  Tommy James

  Margie W. Howell